Welcome to Center for Neurological Treatment & Research

Welcome to Center for Neurological Treatment & Research where providing the medical services you need is our objective. We have multiple locations throughout Middle Tennessee that provide convenient access for patients that may be suffering from a neurological disorder, sleep disorder as well as fibromyalgia.

Our goal is to provide service for all patients regardless of your circumstances. The Center for Neurological Treatment & Research accepts most insurance and will work with patients in need to set up a payment plan. We understand that specialty care and access in some areas can be scarce and will try to facilitate care in every way possible. The professionals at Center for Neurological Treatment & Research are confident in our ability to help you with your health needs.

Whether you snore, have difficulty sleeping, suffer with headaches, have low back or neck pain, or need nerve and muscle testing (EMG), our doctors can diagnose and provide treatment for your disorder. If you think that you may have a neurological or sleep disorder, or if you are a doctor that would like to refer a patient, feel free to contact the location nearest you.

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Our mission is to provide you with expert medical care in a compassionate and understanding setting. Our team of experts is here to help.

Patient Services

Whether you're an individual, organization or medical industry partner we offer a myriad of services to address all patient sleep concerns.

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Not sure what to expect during your sleep study? Do you need directions to the Center? Find out what you need to know before your visit.