Sleep Service

Sleep Services

Sleep studies are performed to evaluate snoring, breathing, arousals, movements, and certain behaviors during sleep. In addition, studies are performed to assess sleepiness or one ability to stay awake.

Welcome to Center for Neurological Treatment & Research, the place where we care about you and your health. We are a local sleep care facility that serves all of Middle Tennessee. Our goal is to show every patient that you are welcomed in our center no matter your circumstances.

Center for Neurological Treatment & Research accepts most insurances and will work with patients if you need to set up a payment plan. At our center we understand that in some areas of the state that excellent healthcare is scarce; therefore, we extend our services to everyone.

The professionals at Center for Neurological Treatment & Reasearch are confident in our ability to help you with your sleep troubles. Whether you are a snorer, consistently are tired and fatigued or cannot sleep throughout the night, our doctors can help you get to the root of your problem to help treat you disorder. If you think that you may have a sleep disorder or if you are a doctor that would like to refer a patient, feel free to contact the location nearest you.